The Land of Adventures -John, Barbara, Gabi – ITALY


This book is a journey full of joy and inspiration, where fun goes hand in hand with learning and the taste of real adventure. Ready for a trip? Buon viaggio!
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"THE LAND OF ADVENTURES -John, Barbara, Gabi - ITALY" is an adventurous story about three 
extraordinary children who decide to discover the magical soul of Italy. Together with colorful 
guides, they travel through picturesque Italian places, enjoying breathtaking views and learning 
the history of each corner. But it is not everything! A local chef invites them to culinary 
madness, where the kids know that pizza is not just a dish, but a real art. Finally, Jasiu, Barbara
and Gabi meet Italian peers with whom they have great fun learning about regional Italian 
traditions. In the last chapter, readers will find a culinary surprise that children can make 
under the watchful eye of an adult.